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Jesse Mireles



    Born in Mexico, Mireles’ art is a bridge between his country of birth and his American upbringing. His art was first inspired by the colors and textures that he knew as a child. They were the brilliantly designed Mexican pottery, fabrics and artisan paintings that he saw in the mercados during family visits to Mexico. His mother, Felicitas, an avid gardener, also introduced him to the world of flowers with their explosions of color, scents and construction.


    As a young artist, Mireles was greatly influenced by the work of the great Mexican muralists Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orosco and David Siqueiros. As a young artist he was also drawn to the European Expressionists, especially to his favorite artist, Franz Marc, to Marc’s use of color and to his beautiful portrayal of the natural world.


    Today more than ever, he is influenced by the natural world around him, in the Great Lakes Region where he lives and in places where he travels along the rugged coast of Maine, the American Southwest, Canada and Mexico.


    Mireles grew up in Toledo and studied art and graphic design in high school and painting and printmaking at the University of Toledo. He has made art his life and his livelihood as a graphic designer, working in design studios, marketing agencies, and corporate environments.


    Mireles is a distinguished visual artist, honored with numerous graphic art awards throughout his extensive career. His work has been published in several volumes of the prestigious Logo Lounge International Identity Books and the Master Library Series.


    As a painter and printmaker, he is gifted with a masterful ability to sculpt paint into compositions of swirls, scrapes and gashes of color, texture and form. His smaller executions, often painted in gouache or acrylic, and his large frames, painted mostly in acrylic or mixed media, are consistently dramatic and powerful in imagery. They are mostly nonrepresentational, always bold, liquid, evocative. His prints range from monotypes to giclee’s; they are multi colored to black and white but always masterfully graphically crafted.


    Mireles’ work has been exhibited at the National Center for Nature Photography, the Toledo Museum of Art and at various exhibitions and galleries. He consults, lectures and has served on design and art review panels for the Toledo Arts Commission and for the Ohio Arts Council based in Columbus Ohio.



Artist Statement

Nature is my fountain of inspiration. It gives me images, textures, and colors in rare and infinite  compositions. My paintings are for the most part, expressions of those abstract inspirations.



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