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Peter Macara



    Peter Macara is a lifelong resident of Provincetown and grew up surrounded by an artistic environment. Macara's first summer job was as a model for Robert Douglas Hunter. As an impressionable youth and as a young aspiring artist, he knew R.H. Ives Gammel, Seong Moy, Fritz Bultman, Jim Forsberg, William Freed, Lillian Orlowsky, Henry Hensche, Fred Tasch and many other artists from his Brewster Street neighborhood. While in college, Macara developed a friendship with artist John Grillo, a student of Hans Hofmann. “My early experience was self-taught, but I learned from the artists who lived around me." Macara entered college at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as an engineering student, but changed his major to Fine Art and graduated with two BFAs. His professional life of art eventually led him to becoming PAAM's Assistant Director/Museum Registrar, from which Peter retired in the spring of 2016 after a span of 37 years. “Artist as Curator”, an exhibit of twenty-five paintings of Peter Macara, was shown at Seashore Point in Provincetown in July 2017.


Artist Statement
"Once again I find myself looking to antiquity for inspiration. Traditional motifs, border designs and repeating shapes that fall victim to the forces of time—cracking, breaking and eroding—retain a rugged sort of beauty that continues to inspire me. My artworks contrast predictable patterns against the seemingly random, broken shapes of crumbling material. Our minds fill in the gaps. We perceive patterns even where very little remains. In an effort to create memorable objects, the plywood support material is shaped to mimic slabs of terra cotta, plaster or stone. The artworks take on a presence that goes beyond pictorial, venturing into an area similar to low-relief sculpture. Nonetheless, these constructions, although irregular in shape, still provide reliably flat planes for the application of paint and collage. This interplay of substance, form, collage and traditional painting is the hallmark of my work."



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