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Michael Fenton



    Michael Fenton was born in New York city in 1942 and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. From the time Michael was a young boy, he loved drawing and painting. Michael's wild imagination sometimes got him into a pickle; once,as a toddler, he fell into a pickle barrel and nearly drowned! Fortunately, he survived to receive his undergraduate degree from Ohio State University and to study art in Michigan at Cranbrook Academy of Art where he received his M.F.A. There he lived and breathed art, and developed a foundation in abstract expressionism which guides his life long exploration of art even when he changed direction and dealt with more realistic imagery.


    After Cranbrook, he embarked on his career of painting and teaching art. Michael has taught for thirty five years both on the high school and college level at institutions such as the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Herron School of Art, and Skidmore College. He is currently residing in Saratoga Springs, New York.


    For a complete list of past exhibitions, awards, and more please view the artist's resume:

The Biblical story is a contemporary story involving lust, adultery, and murder, hence my interest. David spies Bathsheba bathing on a roof top in the nude and gets the hots for her. Ultimately, he gets his way with her and impregnates her. Bathsheba is married to Uriah who is a soldier in David’s army which complicates things. In order to cover up their involvement and pregnancy, David devises plan A which designs to bring home Uriah for a weekend with his wife. Uriah, refuses and prefers to stay with his army buddies. David comes up with plan B. David has Uriah deliver a note to his commanding officer. The note orders the CO to send Uriah to the front line and then pull back his forces exposing Uriah to certain death, which occurs. David is then free to marry

Bathsheba. The story goes on but [it] is [this] part of the story which [I] became inspired to paint.



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