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Al Benkin



    Al Benkin is an assemblage artist, painter and stuffed animal maker. Her paintings & assemblages are stories often laden with visual language/iconography & are inspired by her version of real life, personalized myths and things she finds cool. The content varies from political/personal satire to a sort of comedy of the absurd to cute baby octopi and whatever else she wants. Al uses found objects aka “Happy Ghosts” a term from her Grandmother, painter Juanita Beenken, which she transforms/second-lifes into other things/meanings autonomous from intended origin. Sometimes elements of animistic fetishism like hair, teeth & blood can be found hidden in Al’s work instilling it with nostalgia/evidence of time & impermanence. Benkin studied under Bernhard Vennekohl, retired master carpenter and American folk painter Harry Folsom- both in NYC. Some artists Al loves are: Catherine Bothwell, Leonora Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Scooter LaForge, Annie Sprinkle, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Yoko Ono, Jacklyn Brown, Dieter Roth, Louis Borgeous, James Ensor (late work only) & Hans Belmer. Al has found all above artists to inspire & excel at trancending words in storytelling.


    Benkin has shown nationally and internationally for the past 17 years. Some of her shows include “Nuances of Story Telling” a three person show with painters Jaclyn Brown & Cecelia Roberts at Tribes Gallery in LES, NYC, Benkin + Kelty at Art Raw in Chelsea NYC, Artujillo in Minneapolis, MN with the late Americo Juan and “The Dolls of Lisbon, in Portugal with NYC's Antagonist Movement. Al was involved with NYC’s Antagonist Art Movement for a number of projects including guest curating a show she titled “Ghost Dreaming in NYC” in Aug of 2011 and was invited to be in juried international show of 100 artists called “Dolls of Lisbon” Nov ’10 in Lisbon Portugal. Benkin has been written up in Pinned NYC, “Pulse of the Twin Cities”, featured for interviews on Fox Channel 5’s Butterfly Marketplace, Lower East Side Live and Antagovision. Benkin's published in the annual art magazine “A Gathering of Tribes” issue #13. She won Artist of the Month through Art Bazaar at Lyons Weir in May 2010 & her curatorial debut was at a pop up gallery/event space named Burnt Kitty Vactory in Sept 2010, She also co-curated pop-up shows like “Hypnagosia” in NYC Fall of 2012, Curated "Urban Influence" at Third Eye Gallery in Bushwick Brooklyn June 2013 and is having her New Orleans curatorial debut at the Floating Gallery in The French Quarter in Nov 2014. She is currently represented by Hutson Gallery in Provincetown, MA; Gallery SeV Ven in Huntington Valley CA; Green Eyed Gator & Dutch Alley Art Co-Op, both in New Orleans, LA.




    Nov 2014 Floating Gallery curator & participant New Orleans, LA

    Sept 2014 "Grotesque Taxidermy of the Feminine Mystique" Governer's Island, NYC

    June 2013 "Urban Influence" curator & participannt, Bushwick Brooklyn, NY

    September 2012 “Antipodes”, Hutson Gallery, Provincetown, MA

    Winter 2012 Leviticus Gallery group show, Bedstuy. Brooklyn NY

    October 2011 EastBridge “Hypnagosia” curator & participant, LES NYC

    Aug 2011 Leslie Lohman Gallery. Pop-up Museum of Queer History. Soho, NY

    Aug 2011 Niagara Gallery “Ghost-dreaming in NYC ". curator and participant. NYC

    Feb 2011 Tribes Gallery “Nuances of Storytelling” LES, NYC

    June 2011 A.I.R. Gallery “Wish you Were Here” Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

    May 2011 3 Eggs Studies: “3HREE” Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    Nov 2010 “Dolls of Lisbon” Pop Up Lisbon Art Group via Antagonist Movement Lisbon,


    Sept 2010 BKV Factory’s “Hue Menagerie” Curator/ participant Chelsea, NYC

    Aug 2010 Convergence NYC at the Armory Midtown, NYC

    May 2010 Feature Gallery “Free Art Show” LES, NYC

    Feb 2010 X initiative. “BYOA” Chelsea, NYC

    April 2009 Art Raw Gallery “Benkin + Kelty” Chelsea, NYC

    July 2009 The Flushnick “Re:Productive” East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    Feb 2009 Junto Gallery “Colorgy” Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

    Nov 2008 Aeon Logic Opening Show Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

    Apr 2004 Cafetto “Land of the Evil Twin Bird People” Minneapolis, MN

    Spring 2004 “Sexy Spring: Art on Bikes Show” Minneapolis, MN

    Spring 2004 Artujillo Gallery Minneapolis, MN

    Fall 2003 Rogue Buddha Gallery with Afunctional Collective Minneapolis, MN

    June 1999 “The Good the bad and the Ugly” mobile unit show in the Steven’s Square

    Neighborhood through the Walker Art Canter. June 1999. Minneapolis, MN

    Sept 1997 Hard Times Café Minneapolis, MN Solo show



    Jan 2014-Present Frenchmen Art Market New Orleans, LA

    Dec 2013 "Affordable Art + Craft show at the Living Gallery Brooklyn, NY

    Dec 2012 Degenerate Craft Fair Brooklyn, NY

    July 2010 Chelsea Art Fair NYC

    May 2010 Lyons Weir Art Bazaar NYC

    Dec 2009 Artists and Fleas Brooklyn, NY

    Summer ’03—05 Red Hot Art Steven’s Square Park Minneapolis, MN



    Dutch Alley Art Co-op New Orleans, LA, Feb '14- Current

    Green Eyed Gator New Orleans, LA, Jan '14- Current

    Looseworld NYC, Feb ’12-13

    Better Than Jam Brooklyn, Jan ‘12 - Current

    Milux Home Soho NYC, Oct ‘11 - 12

    Hillary Flowers Boutique LES NYC Sept ‘11 - May '12

    Nouveaux Vieux Boutique, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY Summer 2011

    Fitzsu Boutique, L.A., CA Fall 2010

    Design Collective, Minneapolis, MN 2006-07



    June 2013 Curated "Urban Influence" at 3rdEye Gallery in Bushwick, NY

    Winter 2012 Featured on fox News 5’s Butterfly Marketplace NYC

    Fall 2011 Co Curated “Hypnagosia” Art Show at East Bridge NYC

    Written up in Pinned NYC fall 2012 for Hypnagosia show

    Spring 2011 A Gathering of Tribes Magazine issue 13 NYC

    May 2010 Winner May Art Bazaar’s featured artist Lyons Weir Gallery, NYC

    Feb 2010 – Current Volunteer Murals for Blissful Bedrooms, Bronx, NY

    Sept 2010 Curated “Hue Menagerie” art & music show, BKV Factory, Chelsea, NYC

    Summer 2009 on YES Television Network via Blissful Bedrooms, NYC

    Dec 2009 Featured Artist Artists & Fleas Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

    Apr 2009 On “Lower East Side Live” cable access show NYC

    Apr 2004 Review Pulse of the Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN

    June 2004 Best in Show 2nd place Red Hot Art Minneapolis, MN

Antipodes meaning "opposite ends" suits my painted and assembled modern tales. These stories come from all corners and opposite reaches of my mind. I'm also inspired by Aldous Huxley's essay "Heaven and Hell" in which he talks about delving into the extreme reaches of a person's mind (antipodes), that aren't always accessible but can be reached through experimentations with diet, meditation, etc., One's magical potential; the capacity to reach the antipodes of our psyche makes Huxley's essay kindred with my visions.



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